Windshield Scratch Repair

Distortion Free Windshield Scratch Removal at Your Service!

We know how daunting glass scratches on your windshield are. Sometimes, they are caused by dirt. You try to clean the windshield, but small particles scratch it all over. They are not visible right away, but at night, when the light reflections become extremely annoying. On a different note, using those public windshield cleaners from gas stations is just as harmful. Just imagine the dirt gathered in there from dozens of cars. Would you scratch your windshield with them? All in all, scratches can be caused by multiple factors. They reduce your visibility, but they also put pressure on your eyes and increase the safety risks. This is when PBTP Scratch Removal kicks in.

Our scratch removal service is based on glass repair solutions, regardless of their causes. We fix glass scratches and restore the original appearance and clarity of your windows. Most of these problems target windshields, but other windows are also exposed to external factors and contaminants. Not sure how to remove scratches from glass? It is one thing to clean the windshield and a different thing to remove glass scratches, so leave this job to a professional service instead. Our service is based in Los Angeles and the surroundings. We offer on site glass scratch removal, whether you need us to reach to your place or you can come over.

One Step Process!

Our windshield scratch removal service goes straight to the point. We do not waste your valuable time. Time is important for both you and us. It does not mean that we sacrifice quality or performance though. Instead, we thoroughly evaluate the situations upfront. We know exactly what pad and paste to use. We do not have to try this and that, just like we do not need to rely on multiple pads. With this aspect in mind, PBTP Scratch Removal is one of the fastest windshield scratch remover services in Los Angeles. No distortion is involved in the process. Distortion reduces your safety if you cannot make proper estimations when driving.

Scratch Removal Everywhere!

Our glass scratch remover service is available everywhere. We can tackle your project on site, but we can also move on to your place and deal with the glass scratch repair in your backyard. We offer a deep level of flexibility because we understand that some of our customers do not have the time or possibility to reach to our facilities. You do not have to worry about working in the field though. We have battery powered tools and small generators, so it makes no difference if you do not have a source of electricity nearby.

Handling Any Type of Glass!

Our scratch remover for glasses works on absolutely any type of glass. Most windshields are laminated though. We have the right tools and experience to deal with them. Keep in mind that at PBTP Scratch Removal, we also offer residential, industrial and commercial operations. Therefore, apart from windshield scratch repair solutions, we also handle curved glass, mirror, bulletproof glass, low-E, annealed and tempered glass problems. Give us a phone call and leave your glass in good hands.

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Our services

  • Shop front window scratch repair and removal
  • Glass item and home window scratch removal and repair
  • Building site glass repair
  • Public transportation scratched glass repairs
  • Automotive glass repairs


Mitch Handler

"I had an issue with a huge scratch on my windscreen, I am a truck driver so I do heck of a lot of miles on the road. Rather than wait until the screen cracked I had these guys come out and repair it for me. It was cheap and they cleaned up my screen so it’s like brand new. Thanks so much."

Tal Benzene

"I own a commercial property and we kept having idiots scratching their gangs signs in to our windows. It looked unsightly so I decided to employ the services of this company to take care of the issue. I have them come now on a monthly basis to remove any scratches on my windows to keep it looking pristine. It’s worth the money as it keeps the value of my building up and makes it appealing to renters."

Rachel Prior

"My mirror in my retail store was scratched in the changing cubicles so I wanted to do something about it instead of changing the mirror out. I had PBTP Scratch removal come and give me a free quote to see what they could do. They managed to buff out the scratches making the mirrors look like brand new. Mission accomplished."

Donald Briggs

"Our stained glass window was in need of some love and with it being delicate and lead lined we wanted a professional to clean it. I called a few companies but PBTP Glass Repair was the only business willing to take the task on. They did a wonderful job in cleaning and restoring the old glass to its former glory and for this I am very thankful."

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