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Providing Fast Response Time & Good Rates in Glass Repair!

Here at PBTP Scratch Removal, our primary goal is to provide exclusive repair services based on the potential damage over your glass elements. Whether it comes to glass doors repair, windows repair and even scratch removal, our service is dedicated to restore the original appearance of your glass in no time. We operate around Los Angeles, but we have also become the trusted name in glass filming, repairs and polishing. Not sure how to remove scratches from glass or remove other types of damage? Avoid self attempts because you are likely to damage the glass even more or perhaps injure yourself. Give us a phone call and leave yourself in good hands.

Quality Comes First!

We have built our reputation based on quality. We have only employed expert glass repair professionals, with experience and all kinds of certifications. We have managed to become the most exclusive glass polishing company in Los Angeles and the surroundings. We provide glass scratch remover solutions, but we also rebuild damaged panels and clear weld spatter or etched graffiti. Surface contaminants are successfully eliminated as well. We have one technician for any type of cause, so we know precisely what steps to go through in order to provide a top-notch restoration service.

Versatility of a Local Service!

You probably know already that calling one of those national call centers will only give you some random local technicians who pay for this form of advertising. No one can help you out if anything goes wrong. But here at PBTP Scratch Removal, we only operate locally – Los Angeles and the surroundings. Our reputation goes up with every successful project. We know that an unhappy customer can ruin our reputation in a particular area, so we strive to make everyone happy. Our glass scratch removal is local and can get on site to fix glass scratches within hours or even minutes. Although we do not advertise as an emergency service, we are well known for our speedy results.

Saving Both Money and Time!

We can guarantee that our windows repair service is the most cost efficient option on the market. Frustrated by your glazing damage? Our scratch remover for glasses uses the ultimate technologies, equipment and windshield repair systems to provide the highest level of quality. Our workmanship leaves no room for mistakes. At the same time, we know that replacing windows is more costly than choosing to remove glass scratches. Some of our customers have reported savings of up to 80%. Why replace when you can renew?

Approved and Tested!

Our technicians offer glass scratch repair services based on the latest polishing systems in this industry. We only rely on warranted and tested systems. As a direct consequence, PBTP Scratch Removal will clear glass elements without a single sign of distortion. The pastes we use carry exactly the same quality standards. Even our pads are branded and come from reputable manufacturers. We know that our tools are responsible for our results. They can make or break the deal, so we only choose the best.

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Our services

  • Shop front window scratch repair and removal
  • Glass item and home window scratch removal and repair
  • Building site glass repair
  • Public transportation scratched glass repairs
  • Automotive glass repairs


Mitch Handler

"I had an issue with a huge scratch on my windscreen, I am a truck driver so I do heck of a lot of miles on the road. Rather than wait until the screen cracked I had these guys come out and repair it for me. It was cheap and they cleaned up my screen so it’s like brand new. Thanks so much."

Tal Benzene

"I own a commercial property and we kept having idiots scratching their gangs signs in to our windows. It looked unsightly so I decided to employ the services of this company to take care of the issue. I have them come now on a monthly basis to remove any scratches on my windows to keep it looking pristine. It’s worth the money as it keeps the value of my building up and makes it appealing to renters."

Rachel Prior

"My mirror in my retail store was scratched in the changing cubicles so I wanted to do something about it instead of changing the mirror out. I had PBTP Scratch removal come and give me a free quote to see what they could do. They managed to buff out the scratches making the mirrors look like brand new. Mission accomplished."

Donald Briggs

"Our stained glass window was in need of some love and with it being delicate and lead lined we wanted a professional to clean it. I called a few companies but PBTP Glass Repair was the only business willing to take the task on. They did a wonderful job in cleaning and restoring the old glass to its former glory and for this I am very thankful."

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