Window Scratch Removal 90099

Dealing with window scratches and fixes her in 90099 is very common. Due to the terrain and condition of the roads we have a lot of gravel that gets flicked up and can hit windscreens constantly. The city does of good job of mostly maintain the roads but due to the amount of traffic we get it just happens. This can be a nightmare for car owners as it not only chips away at paintwork but the glass also. A small chip will be ok for a while and the same goes with a crack but you will start to see that chip and crack grow and grow as the days go by until you get to the point of no return where you have to spend on a new windscreen. We here at PBTP Scratch Removal in 90099 are here to stop that crack growing and getting rid of it completely. This is done using special resins and grinding techniques to polish up the glass and then buffing it to the point where you will not even notice there was ever a scratch or crack in the first place.

What type of glass objects can we fix here on 90099?

There are many things we cover in terms of glass repair. Some of the most requested repairs we get here in 90099 are as follows.

Building site glass repair work in 90099 is requested a great deal. Should it be vandalism on a job site or accidents due to negligence. We can come to the building site and repair the glass right there so you will never know anything happened. No having to replace expensive glass windows we can just fix it so you will have never known it was damaged in the first place.

Home glass repair work in 90099 – We come in to residential homes and take care of any cracks, chips or stains in the glass. We can even buff every window up to make it look so clear you will feel like you can put your hand straight through the glass. Its unreal the level of clarity you can get by simply having us really deep clean and polish your windows.

Shop window glass repair and replacement in 90099 - For any store owner your glass window front is the eyes to your store. If they look terrible then no one will pay attention to what you have inside. You really need to make sure that the glass is immaculate. Any cracks, stains and chips plus dirt should be taken care of straight away. We have a quick call out service to make sure that that we can repair your glass as soon as you notice any unsightly marks on it. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling PBTP Scratch Removal in 90099.

We look forward to receiving your call and helping you out.

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Our services

  • Shop front window scratch repair and removal
  • Glass item and home window scratch removal and repair
  • Building site glass repair
  • Public transportation scratched glass repairs
  • Automotive glass repairs


Mitch Handler

"I had an issue with a huge scratch on my windscreen, I am a truck driver so I do heck of a lot of miles on the road. Rather than wait until the screen cracked I had these guys come out and repair it for me. It was cheap and they cleaned up my screen so it’s like brand new. Thanks so much."

Tal Benzene

"I own a commercial property and we kept having idiots scratching their gangs signs in to our windows. It looked unsightly so I decided to employ the services of this company to take care of the issue. I have them come now on a monthly basis to remove any scratches on my windows to keep it looking pristine. It’s worth the money as it keeps the value of my building up and makes it appealing to renters."

Rachel Prior

"My mirror in my retail store was scratched in the changing cubicles so I wanted to do something about it instead of changing the mirror out. I had PBTP Scratch removal come and give me a free quote to see what they could do. They managed to buff out the scratches making the mirrors look like brand new. Mission accomplished."

Donald Briggs

"Our stained glass window was in need of some love and with it being delicate and lead lined we wanted a professional to clean it. I called a few companies but PBTP Glass Repair was the only business willing to take the task on. They did a wonderful job in cleaning and restoring the old glass to its former glory and for this I am very thankful."