Restore Glass that is damaged during construction

Glass Repairs, Polishing and Window Filming at a Glance!

With years of experience and the latest equipments in store, our scratch removal service has become the main choice for all kinds of people – residential, commercial and industrial glass necessities. Here at PBTP Scratch Removal, our main goal is to put your project back on track. How? Simple. We handle glass repair and fix glass scratches, but we also clear construction scratch on glass windows and doors. Weld spatter, grinder spatter and surface contaminants are just as common on the construction site. Plus, it is perfectly normal for workers to chip or crack glass. Such a huge project is less likely to be conducted without any flaws at all. This is when our Los Angeles based technicians kick in to give you a hand.

Repairing Scratched Glass Like no Other!

PBTP Scratch Removal has extensive experience in glass scratch removal, from light scratches caused by cleaners to deep damage caused by workers and heavy equipment. Our equipment and experience have turned us into a trusted name around Los Angeles. We have tackled projects and tasks on many construction sites and glass installation companies around the area. Our glass scratch remover is highly experienced in removing flaws from glass facades, curtain walls, structural glass, balustrades and any other glass surface.

Handling Weld and Grinder Spatter Overnight!

At PBTP Scratch Removal, the scratch remover for glasses is successful in clearing angle grinder and weld spatter from any type of glass. Such things are extremely damaging, since metal can seriously burn into glass. Whenever industrial work is performed close to glass, damage will inevitably occur too. The metal parts are cleared, while the damaged area is cleaned before filling craters and polishing the result. Glass scratch repair looks easy when you see our workers doing it, but it takes years of practice and experience.

Fixing Shelled, Cracked and Chipped Glass Right Away!

PBTP Scratch Removal is a leading name in glass scratch removal in construction projects. Therefore, shelled, cracked and chipped glass are among our main specifications. Curious how to remove scratches from glass? Leave this job to our professional team. We rebuild damaged glass and reinstate the original profile. Distortion is the last thing you want for your glass, so we offer a top-notch accuracy of over 98%.

Kite Mark Services at Your Disposal!

Apart from glass scratch repair, we also offer kite mark solutions. At PBTP Scratch Removal, we know how daunting it is to face considerable problems. Such things can delay the handover of your project. The result? A fortune! The process is extremely costly and can ruin your reputation. This is what we are here for – to save both your project and prestige. We can solve these issues in no time, but in a very cost efficient way as well. Your savings can easily exceed 90%, yet they depend on how large your project is.

We do not only remove glass scratches, but our Los Angeles based service also provides glass and facade filming application. We offer all kinds of filming solutions, depending on your needs. Each type of project is meant to protect glass, but it may also offer heat reduction, tinting and anti glaring features.

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Our services

  • Shop front window scratch repair and removal
  • Glass item and home window scratch removal and repair
  • Building site glass repair
  • Public transportation scratched glass repairs
  • Automotive glass repairs


Mitch Handler

"I had an issue with a huge scratch on my windscreen, I am a truck driver so I do heck of a lot of miles on the road. Rather than wait until the screen cracked I had these guys come out and repair it for me. It was cheap and they cleaned up my screen so it’s like brand new. Thanks so much."

Tal Benzene

"I own a commercial property and we kept having idiots scratching their gangs signs in to our windows. It looked unsightly so I decided to employ the services of this company to take care of the issue. I have them come now on a monthly basis to remove any scratches on my windows to keep it looking pristine. It’s worth the money as it keeps the value of my building up and makes it appealing to renters."

Rachel Prior

"My mirror in my retail store was scratched in the changing cubicles so I wanted to do something about it instead of changing the mirror out. I had PBTP Scratch removal come and give me a free quote to see what they could do. They managed to buff out the scratches making the mirrors look like brand new. Mission accomplished."

Donald Briggs

"Our stained glass window was in need of some love and with it being delicate and lead lined we wanted a professional to clean it. I called a few companies but PBTP Glass Repair was the only business willing to take the task on. They did a wonderful job in cleaning and restoring the old glass to its former glory and for this I am very thankful."

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