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Commercial Scratch Removal for an Impeccable Appearance!

The exterior of your building is your business card. It makes no difference how luxurious and good looking it is on the inside if you overlook the outside. Most people will get a general idea based on what it looks like. Apart from cleaning, small details make all the difference in the world. Scratched windows underline a serious lack of commitment, so potential customers will inevitably assume that your business carries the same standards. This is when PBTP Scratch Removal steps in. Our glass scratch removal and glass repair service is not available to residential properties only, but also to commercial sites.

Scratched windows and other types of glass damage are part of everyday issues. Accidents happen. But in order to deal with such scenarios, our glass scratch remover provides a deep restoration service. Curious how to remove scratches from glass? This is certainly not a DIY process because you risk injuring yourself and tearing the window apart. Instead, call us and let us grind out the scratch, then polish it in a quality finish. We remove glass scratches on site, without having to take the window out.

Scratch Removal – More Cost Efficient!

Our stores windows and doors scratch remover is considerably more cost efficient than replacement. Some of our customers have claimed savings exceeding 80%. How so? Simple. Our scratch remover for glasses implies using specific equipment, pastes and pads. Manufacturing is more expensive, not to mention the fabrication, customization and distribution. At the same time, costs also include the downtime and installation expenses. On the other hand, we show up on site, evaluate the problem and remove glass scratches in no time, with no downtime or interruptions to your work.

Crystal Clear Results!

At PBTP Scratch Removal, we make sure that there is no distortion involved in glass scratch repair procedures. Our glass scratch removal for commercial building process is conducted with the latest equipment in the industry. We stand by our work because we know that you cannot find the same techniques in our competition. In a world where most of our competition in Los Angeles relies on old fashioned solutions, we step in to restore the original looks of your glass, with no distortion or visible spots.

On a different note, we have only employed trained technicians to fix glass scratches. Glass is extremely fragile. Plus, it is hard to evaluate a situation without any experience. Commercial build windows and doors are exposed to all kinds of factors and risks. There are no meters to measure the scratch depth or identify the best solution, hence the necessity of an experienced professional.

Graffiti, Scratches and Stains – Forget about Them!

At PBTP Scratch Removal, our scratch remover for glasses can tackle all kinds of damage. Apart from shattered glass, we will clear scratches, stains and graffiti without altering the durability and strength of your glass. Offices, shops, glass doors and displays, plate, toughened, laminated glass, table tops and large construction windows are among our main specializations, so you can leave yourself in good hands.

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Our services

  • Shop front window scratch repair and removal
  • Glass item and home window scratch removal and repair
  • Building site glass repair
  • Public transportation scratched glass repairs
  • Automotive glass repairs


Mitch Handler

"I had an issue with a huge scratch on my windscreen, I am a truck driver so I do heck of a lot of miles on the road. Rather than wait until the screen cracked I had these guys come out and repair it for me. It was cheap and they cleaned up my screen so it’s like brand new. Thanks so much."

Tal Benzene

"I own a commercial property and we kept having idiots scratching their gangs signs in to our windows. It looked unsightly so I decided to employ the services of this company to take care of the issue. I have them come now on a monthly basis to remove any scratches on my windows to keep it looking pristine. It’s worth the money as it keeps the value of my building up and makes it appealing to renters."

Rachel Prior

"My mirror in my retail store was scratched in the changing cubicles so I wanted to do something about it instead of changing the mirror out. I had PBTP Scratch removal come and give me a free quote to see what they could do. They managed to buff out the scratches making the mirrors look like brand new. Mission accomplished."

Donald Briggs

"Our stained glass window was in need of some love and with it being delicate and lead lined we wanted a professional to clean it. I called a few companies but PBTP Glass Repair was the only business willing to take the task on. They did a wonderful job in cleaning and restoring the old glass to its former glory and for this I am very thankful."

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